Expanded Metal Security Fencing Melbourne

It’s a proven fact that a cost-effective and reliable solution for normal protection tasks is provided by the standard security fencing. However, standard security fencing will not work for high-risk environments.

A better alternative for places that needs more stringent safety measures such as railways, airports, power plants, prisons, and manufacturing facilities need expanded metal security fencing.

Having this kind of demand makes the offers from security fencing Melbourne the ones to opt for.


Advantages offered by the Expanded Metal Security Fencing


High-security expanded metal fencing will not unravel when cut. It is also an affordable way of providing extra security for places that demand them. Multiple benefits offered by the expanded metal fencing over standard security fencing include:


Highly resistant to cutting

If the standard security fencing used in your business made it easy work for intruders to cut their way in, metal fencing is your solution. Bolt cutters will not work for the expanded metal security fencing. It is because bolt cutters are unable to solidly grip the material. It is actually impossible for the bolt cutters to do so. The fence will remain impregnable even when an intruder was able to make a cut successfully.


Incredible strength

High-security places must be able to meet the most daunting intruder attack. This means surrounding the perimeter using the ultimate security fencing. The expanded metal’s superior rigidity strength will not lose its shape even when a heavy object thrown with supreme force is hurled at it. The metal will only readjust to the impact and still retain its strength.


Superior durability

When it comes to longevity, standing fencing will not match the superior durability of expanded metal security fencing. Humid and rainy climates can easily corrode other types of standard security fencing. Not so with the corrosion-resistant expanded metal security fencing. This means lower long-term costs and fewer maintenance issues. The longevity quality of the expanded metal security fencing means replacing them would be less frequent compared to other kinds of security fencing.


Discourages climbing

Individuals are barred from climbing up the fence and over the barrier because of the smaller gaps design of the expanded metal fencing. The gaps will be far too small for securely placing feet and hands inside them. Standard security fencing has been shown to be easily climbed over by intruders if they did not think of using bolt cutters to make the intrusion easier.


Gap-free option

The opportunity of seeing through the barriers is another disadvantage most types of security fencing have. This provides intruders a clear view of everything happening on the other side. Opting for a gap-free design limits the visibility which can place a significant disadvantage to potential intruders.



The durability of expanded metal fences makes them a cost-effective investment in the long run. The fence becomes functional over the years with hardly spending extra maintenance costs. Once installed by a professional, the fence will hardly require replacement or repairs. If ever it happens, the cost is usually cheap and minimal.


Aesthetic enhancement

The expanded metal security fencing offers a variety of styles and designs. They can provide the curb appeal for your property other than providing the most secure fencing.


The increasing popularity of steel and metal security fencing in Melbourne is understandable given the variety of benefits they bring. We are here to help you secure any high-risk area you think needs expanded metal security fencing.…

Fleet ute solutions

There are plenty of cars or other vehicle models in the market, and they all speak of the same function or purpose, and that is being used for a convenient way of transporting people and conveying almost all kinds of property from one place to another. In short, the word “ute” is slang and an informal way of referring to “utility” by Aussies and New Zealanders.


In simply understanding and comprehending the most uncommon term, it is safe to say that aside from traditional modes of transportation, the demand for extra compartments or space in a vehicle is needed by almost all kinds of people, especially those with an adventurous and transient lifestyle. This means that the usual way of transportation has been overtaken by a lifestyle that demands a lot of space for gears and important equipment.


Thanks to the creative inventions of car enthusiasts because more spaces could now be provided with some innovations in customised vehicles like pick-up trucks. With the sole desire to put all these perspectives clearly in mind, this article lays down the details of what utes ought to contribute in our  motorists lives:


The need for a waterproof, rear compartment covers


Considering that most modern pick up brands and models are proud of their all-terrain and all-weather endurance characteristics, precipitation in the form of a heavy rain could incur a lot of damage to delicate and sensitive items while in transit. The best solution to address the concern is by going to your accredited motorshop, have your rear compartment checked and measured accordingly. Request for price quotations as soon as possible and finally, once you have decided, defray an amount based on the specific dimensions required to install a foldable aluminium sheet covers that are capable of rolling or folding while loading and disembarking important items on your pick-up truck.


Meeting the demands for recreational sports and other outback adventures


People on the go for leisure and travel always have a reason to spend their lives outdoors and communing with nature is one that extends unexplained happiness and satisfaction. Water sports for example, like jet skiing and kayaking, would require your 4×4 vehicle to be capable of pulling equipment from specialised cables that are carefully attached to a single or dual hook just below your rear compartment. Likewise, mountain biking, snowboarding, and ice skiing would demand customised and durable roof racks for convenient mount and hold requirements. The limited area on your roof must be surrounded with either stainless steel or aluminium in order for ropes, bolts and nuts to strongly hold on to your precious items while traversing a rocky and a bumpy terrain in the wild.

An integrated cargo tray for baggage and extra loads


People who constantly travel with either friends or family will always have the dilemma when one or two passengers will no longer be able to sit properly together with the others. With the latest fleet ute solutions by CSM Service Bodies, the front and back seat of your car will only be for people who matter to you the most. On the other hand, backpacks and other important cargoes are within your sight and reach. You can have the peace of mind and the time of your life by not worrying so much about what’s not tightly bound or secured behind you. Let the specialised ropes and cables take care of the rest in a journey that is yet to unfold.…