Are you an environmental brand or business that would like to advertise your brand on a large scale? Well, look no further because Under The Blue Moon is where you want to be!

Here at Under the Blue Moon, we provide a variety of options in the advertisement to help you get the most value out of your campaign. Here’s what we offer:

125 x 125 Sponsorship Button

Under the Blue Moon offers options in sponsorship buttons that will appear on every link on our page. We place all sponsorship buttons beneath the heading of our Sponsors category. While we have a limited amount of space, we provide all advertisers with equal shares of exposure. All buttons will be placed in an unordered fashion.

Flash Advertisement Buttons

Under the Blue Moon offers embedded advertisement buttons that will be placed on every link on our site. All flash advertisements will be set in order of rotation and will have an appearance on our site for every visit. However, we go ask that all advertisers must bear in mind that all ads must not reach over 25K.

Premium Sponsorship Buttons

Our premium buttons are displayed at the top center of the page including our resource page. All premium buttons will also accept flash. However, the size must not reach past 30K.

Under the Blue Moon strives to provide quality options to help our advertisers reach their goal traffic audience. We allow sponsored advertisements on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions and inquiries about our advertisement options, feel free to contact us through email.