The Ways That Drilling Companies Are Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

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When it comes to drilling, there is always the idea that it is not good for the environment. For decades, this has been the case, but there are more and more drilling companies that are looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. Some of these ways can be more widely used within the drilling community, while others are focused more on certain types of drilling such as fracking.

Water Free Systems

One of the major environmental concerns with drilling is the use of water. Freshwater is often used to remove sand from the drilling process and this is a major problem as fresh water is a finite resource. One of the ways that many companies are looking to overcome this issue is through the use of water free drilling systems.

The most commonly used water free drilling system has replaced water with a gelled fluid which contains propane. This gel has been found to retain sand better than water and companies will not have to use as much. When using this liquid, companies can use one-eighth of the amount to get the same results. The use of the gel will also remove the need for trucks to haul away contaminated water.

Eliminating Diesel Fumes

Another major environmental concern with drilling is the diesel-powered equipment which is used. When this equipment is used, diesel fumes will be released into the air and this can introduce harmful particles. These harmful particles include carbon emissions which have contributed to global warming.

To overcome this issue, there are some companies who are turning to equipment that uses natural gas. This will not only cut down the fumes that are released during the drilling process, it will also reduce fuel costs. There are other pieces of equipment used in drilling which are now being powered by solar power which makes them more environmentally friendly.

Treating The Wastewater

In certain types of drilling, the amount of wastewater which is produced will outweigh the amount of oil. The wastewater which is produced by the drilling is not only chemically treated in certain cases, it will also contain brine and other materials which can harm the environment. In most cases, wastewater is collected and transported to deep well injection storage facilities.

In order to overcome this major environmental problem, there are many drilling companies that are looking at wastewater treatment options. There are actually very few wastewater treatment options available, but the best one is to treat the wastewater at the drilling site. This treatment option will use positive ions and bubbles to remove the contaminants from the water which can then be reused in the drilling process.

The drilling industry has long been seen as one of the most environmentally unfriendly. This is a view that many companies are looking to change as they use different methods to make drilling more environmentally friendly. These methods include the use of water free drilling systems or the use of treated water in the system. The elimination of diesel fumes is another way that the drilling industry is trying to be more environmentally friendly.